Projects & initiatives


Latest Projects Update

Renovation projects in 2023 completed thanks to the support of our local community. New garden area, new fitted wooden floor in the Prashadam hall, office and kids room.

Future projects

  • We are planning to add a second floor to the back of our building which will provide additional accomodation and a space for extra-curricular activities. 

Current, ongoing projects

  • Daily teaching and practice of the Bhakti Yoga philosophy is ongoing on a daily basis. Everyone is welcome to participate between 6 and 8, am and pm.
  • Preserving and maintaining the Grade 2 listed Greville House building, as well as implementing improvements whenever possible.
  • Food distribution (prasad) for the homeless and socially disadvantaged.

Completed projects

  • We acquired a minibus to provide educational trips for children and old age pensioners, and also expand our food distribution project.

  • A greenhouse for the sacred Tulasi using solar energy has been completed. This will serve the local Hindu community and also provide an educational resource for the locale in general.

Preserving and refurbishing our listed, Grade II historical Greville House building. Over the course of five years, between 2012 to 2017, we completed a number of works on Greville House in order to preserve it, to improve accessibility and inclusiveness, and also to make the building suitable for residential purposes:

  • We replaced the existing fence which was rotting away, and new fencing was also installed surrounding the immediate residential area for security purposes.
  • We installed an accessible toilet near the front entrance.
  • We installed an accessible ramp at the front entrance.
  • We installed partitions in the main hall in order to provide: office spaces for volunteers; a play area for children; and a dining hall.
  • We created further partitions in another large room to provide suitable accommodation for visiting teachers and dignitaries.
  • We renovated the kitchen to bring it up to date to meet current health and safety regulations and also make it suitable for large-scale cooking for food distribution purposes.
  • We installed a small utility room.
  • We installed a new tool shed and kitchen storage unit.
  • We installed a cycle parking shed to encourage persons to cycle and thereby minimize environmental pollution.
  • We upgraded the fire alarm system.
  • A security system was installed in the kitchen.
  • Replaced the old carpet with laminate flooring in a number of rooms (we have not yet had the funds to complete this in all of the rooms).
  • We have cultivated the gardens, planted a number of plants and trees and put paving in appropriate areas.
  • By the kind donation of one of our members, we had a large number of beautiful, antique-style furniture imported from India for use in the building.

The majority of work was carried out by our kind volunteers. Professional trades were supported by donations.