A vegetarian diet is recommended in the ancient Vedic literature as being the most suitable for aspirants of spiritual or devotional life, as it is in line with the principle of ahimsa or non-violence. By following a diet that minimises the suffering of other living entities, it encourages us to embrace the qualities of compassion and mercy.

The Vedas also advise that there is a principle above vegetarianism and this principle is to eat only that which has first been offered in love and devotion to our supreme source (whom we call ‘Krishna’). When we honour these remnants as spiritual food or prasad not only are we no longer subject to karma or the reactions of exploiting the environment for the purpose of survival or our own pleasure, but we are also imbued with spiritual energy. Through this process we can happily offer wonderful vegetarian foods and be fully satisfied knowing that we are nourishing both our body and soul.

Here at the Bhakti Yoga Institute, we believe that all aspects of our lives can be connected with the spiritual plane—nothing need be seen as separate. Cooking and eating are among the most basic activities that we perform day to day, and even these, with the proper perspective, can become a form of meditation. We offer unique vegetarian cooking workshops that show individuals how to transform their cooking (and eating) experience into just such a form of joyful meditation.